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It is easy to talk to people we already know or who are like us.
But doing that keeps us isolated from a broader, more inclusive community.

It is our fear of our differences that keeps us apart … that keeps our communities isolated, and that perpetuates misunderstanding, division and discord.

When we can take time to get to know another human being – beyond the clothes, the manners, the speech, economic status, education or any of the yardsticks we use to measure individual worth and to define ourselves … then we have a chance to discover our common humanity and to find ways to coexist peacefully.

Talk to us if you would like to create opportunities for dialogue between people who would not ordinarily talk to each other in your community. Or to find out where the next Community Conversation is scheduled to take place.

South African Conversations organises Community Conversations in big city neighbourhoods and townships, small dorpies and informal settlements throughout South Africa – challenging the well-todo to visit and get to know the people who live on the other side of town.

Community Conversations are facilitated by experienced moderators and take place in safe spaces that allow all participants to explore and talk about their unspoken worries, fears, tensions, hopes and dreams … and to discover the common humanity of fellow South Africans.

Community Conversations are free and open to all who want to attend.

Community Conversations create opportunities for people from all walks of life to engage in genuine conversation about ways in which we can – individually and collectively – create a better world for ourselves, our communities and our country … opportunities for interesting dialogue and diverse opinions … opportunities for marginalised voices to be heard and for mainstream society to learn what life is like for people who are excluded from participation for any reason whatsoever.

It is easy to talk to people we already know or who are like us. But doing that keeps us isolated from a broader, more inclusive community – perpetuating misunderstanding, mistrust and division.

That’s why we organise Community Conversations – creating opportunities for people who would
never talk to each other, to get to know each other and engage in meaningful conversation.

You are invited to

What: A free Community Conversation
When: Every first Sunday of the month, from 13h00 to 16h00.
Where: Victoria Yards, 16 Viljoen Street, Lorentzville, (next to Bertrams – close to Ellis Park), Johannesburg
Who: All are welcome.
RSVP: or call us on 0860 333 034 to let us know how many people to prepare for … and also to confirm that the event is happening!

We at South African Conversations would love to get South Africans from all walks of life talking to each other in every nook and cranny of our country. We clearly cannot accomplish this on our own.

Talk to us if
  • You see the need for South Africans to get to know and understand each other, and you would like to help start a Conversation in your community.
  • You are a trained facilitator interested in being part of this effort.
  • You have space available where Conversations can take place in your community.
  • You are part of a national organisation that may be interested in exploring a collaboration with South African Conversations to make these conversations possible in many towns and cities throughout South Africa. or call us on 0860 333 034


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