Collaborate with us to create jobs in YOUR community

Become a distribution hub

and organise unemployed people in your community to sell South African Coversations so that they can generate their own income.

Sellers earn 50% of the cover price … Distribution Hubs earn 20%!

Here’s how it works
  1. Distribution Hubs buy a minimum of 150 magazines at a
    time, at a cost of R15 per magazine for a total of R2,250
    – payable within 30 days.
  2. Unsold copies may be returned during the first 3 months while you try this out to see how things work.
  3. However, our experience indicates that it is infinitely possible for sellers to sell 6 to 10 copies in a day – depending on the level of affluent foot traffic where they’re selling.
  4. If the seller works for 22 days or less, they can easily move 150 copies and generate R3,750 for themselves for the month – and R1,500 for the Distribution Hub.
  5. Obviously, the more people you help become ‘self-employed’ in this way, the more money the Hub makes.
  6. Sellers buy a minimum of 10 magazines from a Hub, at
    R25 each for a total amount of R250 cash. You may have to supply the first 10 magazines on credit – just to get
    the seller going. Use your discretion. The idea is to give people a hand-up to become entrepreneurs, buying and
    selling magazines.
  7. Sellers sell the magazines for R50 each and thus generate R500 – recovering their initial investment plus
    100% profit, which they can reinvest in buying the next 10 magazines to sell.
Who can be a Distribution Hub?

Churches, charities, chambers of commerce, hawker’s associations, non-profit organisations, stokvels, trader’s alliances, car-guard organisations, enterprising individuals, caring businesses … Anyone, really, with a little bit of storage space, a big heart, and time for a little bit of admin. Anyone who is willing to do what it takes to help one, two, ten or more people (and themselves) earn money.

If you happen to have a place or an event from which people can sell, that would be great. If not, we will try to match you with a venue in your vicinity.

Make space available
for one or more sellers

in the foyer of your
office building …
at entrances to your
mall or hotel …
at the entrance to
your shop, gallery,
restaurant, bazaar,
market …
at your event …

Think about it.

We can create so many jobs
with little additional effort and
expense if every building or
event – with (affluent) foot traffic
– makes a small space available
for a self-employed person to
sell magazines.

Here’s what’s in it
for you

You’ll be mentioned or listed
wherever we advertise places
where people can buy the
On our website and our social
media platforms … in media
interviews … in our advertising.