Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the magazine?
How to make the product available to unemployed people in our community?
We have space for a seller. How do we get started?
How do I become a seller?
How do I contribute content?
How to list my NPO, CSI or government programme in the Directory?
Where can I buy the magazine?

If you can’t find the magazine in your community, consider setting up a Distribution Hub where unemployed people can collect the magazine to sell on the streets. 

It would have been easier to engage a distribution company to make our magazine available in shops throughout South Africa.

But we’re on a mission to help create jobs. That’s why we’re sidestepping retail and slowly, one-by-one, negotiating the setting up of Distribution Hubs and Sales Venues … so that we can get the magazines to unemployed people throughout our country … giving them a product and an opportunity to generate an income for themselves.

We’re available only in a few places in Gauteng, at present. Click on the province name, below, for a list of places where you can buy South African Conversations.

Please collaborate with us to help set up places where sellers can collect magazines, and places from which they can sell to affluent people in your community.

How do I become a seller?
Don’t have a job?
Sell South African Conversations and
earn R25 for yourself every time you sell one!

You can be your own boss and earn a decent income by selling South African Conversations.
No skills required.
All you need to get started is your ID or proof of legal residence in South Africa and R250,
which will buy you 10 magazines.
That means that each magazine costs you R25.
You then sell the magazines at a participating venue near you, for R50 each, earning a total of R500.
This means that you will have R250 for yourself and another R250 with which to buy 10 more magazines.
This way you can start your own small business, buying and selling magazines.
Do this for yourself! Use your own money or a loan that must be repaid.
Don’t accept hand-outs. Be a proud entrepreneur.
It is possible to sell 6 to 10 or more copies in a day – depending on where you’re selling.
(Some people have sold as many as 30 magazines in one day.)
If you work for 22 days and sell roughly 7 magazines a day,
you can sell 150 copies in a month and generate an income of R3,750 for yourself.

Interested in becoming a seller?

South African Conversations will let you know if there is a Distribution Hub near you
from where you can buy magazines. The Distribution Hub will find you a suitable place from which you can sell
magazines, and they will also supply you with branded clothing to help people recognise you as an authorised
seller of South African Conversations.
It may take us a little while to set up a Distribution Hub, as well as a suitable place* from which to sell near
where you live, but we will do our best to help you become an entrepreneur.
(*The magazine sells best in places where there are many people with money.)

How do I contribute content?
We’d love to hear what you think and do. And we pay for anything we publish: stories, poems, letters, ideas, photographs and cartoons … though we don’t guarantee that we’ll publish everything we receiveWe’d love to hear what you think and do. And we pay for anything we publish: stories, poems, letters, ideas, photographs and cartoons … though we don’t guarantee that we’ll publish everything we receive.

Don’t worry about the English: It is your ideas, thoughts and experiences that we are after – in any official South African language.
And remember: this is NOT a news publication, nor is it about what our Government is or is not doing. It is about all of us talking to each other about things that matter … and about ways that we can improve our combined lot.

Here’s what we pay

| R2 per published word – incl. cartoon dialogue.
| We don’t pay for fan mail nor for your mug shot.
| R200 per published photograph or cartoon.
| Payment will be by EFT or emali within 30 days of publication.
| If you do not need the income, please donate your contribution.

Each contribution must include

| A headline or caption.
| Your full name and, if different, your pen name.
| Your banking details for payment by EFT or cell number for emali payment.
| Contact info: email, cell number, instagram or web address.
| A short description of what you do and a picture of yourself (head-shot).
| Your postal address so that we can send you a copy of the magazine.


| If possible, please type the text.
| Don’t separate your contact information: include it with each article, list of captions and image – things can accidentally get separated.
| Images must be submitted as high-resolution JPG. Minimum file size 1MB.

The contributor

| Must be the owner of the work submitted.
| Grants permission for South African Conversations to use the material in print, online and on social media, without additional pay after print.
| Must have written or electronically recorded (WhatsApp, for instance) permission to publish, from any public figure or parents of a minor who is clearly the subject of a photograph.
| Must acknowledge all sources and give credit where due.
| Accepts 100% liability for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information submitted.
| Must indicate if the material is donated, a competitionentry or a normal submission.

South African Conversations

| Will acknowledge receipt of material, but cannot engage about the merits of the submission.
| Does not guarantee publication.
| Reserves the right to accept, reject, edit, cut, combine or otherwise use any contribution as it sees fit without obtaining permission for altered material prior to publication – unless otherwise requested by the author, in writing.
| Will credit the author, artist or photographer and, space permitting, will include contact info, picture and a short description of the contributor.

Post your material to

South African Conversations
Postnet Suite 16, Private Bag X6,
Bruma 2026
Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Or email it to

| Send photos free via Dropbox or WeTransfer
Call if you have questions: 0860 333 034
We look forward to hearing from you!