The resource pages are very useful for those who want to uplift themselves and others!  – Fumani Baloyi

About our Annual Resource Directory

Information is power. Those who can afford it and know how to navigate their way around the Internet, have unfettered access to knowledge and information that gives them a distinct advantage when it comes to exploring opportunities, developing their own potential, and finding solutions to problems.

Unfortunately, this liberating storehouse of information is inaccessible to the vast majority of South Africans because of high data costs, poor reception, and lack of internet savvy.

That’s why South African Conversations publishes the ONLY printed RESOURCE DIRECTORY of non-profit, civil society, CSI, and government resources and services in South Africa.

The sample pages above contain ONE category of information. There are 29 more categories
in the real thing – an indispensable tool for:
churches | faith-based organisations | clinics | hospices | hospitals | community & social workers | community centres | doctors | health-care professionals | grandmothers | orphanages | Human Resource departments | libraries | municipalities | non-profit organisations | police | police stations | courts | teachers | schools…

Price: R175 per copy
Pre-print order price: less 12% = R130.
Includes postage to one address anywhere in South Africa.
Payment is due only on receipt of the invoice, which will be issued during the week of delivery.

And there is still time to place a listing or book advertising space while we’re working on the directory.