An insanely detailed and meticulous listing to help communities without access to data get help and resourcing.

– Karen Brokensha
The Domino Foundation

One of the biggest obstacles to equality in South Africa is access to information.

Those who can afford it and know how to navigate their way around the Internet have unfettered access to knowledge and information that gives them a distinct advantage when it comes to exploring opportunities, developing their own potential and finding solutions to problems.

Unfortunately, this liberating storehouse of information is not accessible to millions of South Africans in a meaningful way because of high data costs, poor reception, intermittent electricity supply, lack of adequate equipment, and lack of knowledge to fully exploit the gifts of the Internet. And, as we have witnessed with the pandemic, the world’s information and interaction is moving online, making it increasingly difficult for resource-poor communities to participate or to find information to make their lives work.

That’s why South African Conversations is printing a DIRECTORY of non-profit, civil society and government resources and services that are available online and offline. Take a look at the flip-book, below, to get an idea of the depth of research and the quality of information that you can expect from the printed book.

And yes, the content will, eventually, be available online, as well as in print.

Resource Directory sample pages

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List prices

Listings remain open until we go to print, when this order form will be removed.

There is no cost for NPO listings – unless you feel moved to support this labour of love, as follows:

  • Pay R130 per listing. Includes a copy of the book that costs R130 (NPO price), as well as postage – at no extra cost.
  • Pay R100 (NPO price) extra to include your logo with the listing.

Nowhere on earth can you get this kind of targeted exposure to people who are searching for what you have to offer, at this price, in a book that will be used nationwide for many YEARS after being published.

Corporate and government prices:

  • R500 per listing. Includes postage of a free copy of the book that would retail at R175.
  • R2,500 extra to include a logo.

Directory prices

Help get this valuable resource to people who don’t have easy access to the internet. Order copies for all your offices, HR staff, reception areas, staff canteens, for projects you support, for all your blue-collar workers, for your church, for a resource-poor school near you.

  • Price for NPOs, libraries & educational institutions: R130 / copy
  • Normal price: R175 per copy
  • Order before we go to print and get the book for R130 per copy.
    If the option is not on the order form, then we’ve gone to print.
  • 5% discount on relevant price for orders between 50 and 250
  • Bulk discounts negotiable.

Advertising prices

  • Double Page Spread: R68 000
  • Full page: R34 000
  • 1/2 Page: R20 000
  • 1/3 Page: R12 000
  • Guaranteed inside front cover: R39 000
  • Exclusive page sponsorship: R10 000 per page (40mm x 210mm)

Advertorials are the same price as advertisements.


  • Non-governmental NPOs qualify for a 25% discount.
  • Pre-print settlement of adspace bookings qualify for a 25% discount

Here are 4 reasons why your ad should be in this Directory

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Here’s what people say about the directory

… succeeds in presenting [a] vast amount of information in an easily accessible way … very relevant in these difficult times … it includes up-to-date information on online teaching
… invaluable both in terms of getting started on an educational journey and accessing information on the content of one’s studies.

– George Dor, Mathematics and Advanced Programme Mathematics Educator

This publication is so needed for South Africa, especially for those in rural and township areas where connectivity is an issue … bridging the gap in accessibility to service.

– Linda Morrison, Managing Director, We are Durban Social Upliftment

This directory provides access, ideas and direction to South Africans across careers, professions, income and education levels.
An absolute must have
for every South African
– not only those without access to the internet.

– Ali Engelbrecht, CEO,
Women in Business