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An insanely detailed and meticulous listing to help communities without access to data get help and resourcing.
– Karen Brokensha
The Domino Foundation

This book should be in every school, every police station, every clinic, community library, community centre … and in every Government Department that interacts with the people of South Africa.
In fact, it should be in every home that doesn’t have access to the internet, because it tells South Africans exactly where to find solutions to every conceivable challenge they may experience.
– Lumko Mtimde
Special Advisor to the Minister in the Presidency,
The Presidency, Republic of South Africa (June 2021)

The directory … has enormous worth for
South Africa. It is especially valuable for people who are marginalised and who have limited access to the internet … It is my wish that every home could have access to this amazing labour of love. Getting it into the hands of those who need it most would be a collective effort from those of us who are committed to the co-creation of our preferred future.
– Rev Theo Mayekiso
Author of Being Black – A South African Story that Matters

This Directory will go down in Mzansi’s history as one of those small miracles that made a huge difference in shaping the country we all want.
– Lidia Pretorius
Disability Empowerment Consultant

Did you know that roughly 40% of South Africans never use the Internet?

Of the 60% who do, many have only marginal access to free or social media platforms.

This is so even though over 90% of phones in South Africa are smartphones: status symbols without substance because of high data costs, poor or no reception, and intermittent or no electricity supply in townships and rural areas.

With the knowledge of the world increasingly moving online, millions of South Africans will be left behind, threatening our chances of development and of achieving equality.

That’s why South African Conversations is printing this comprehensive Directory of tools, resources, services and solutions offered by non-profit, faith-based, civil society and government organisations – to give all South Africans access to information that people who are connected to the internet take for granted.

A teacher might use the Resource Directory to …

  • Find out how to teach, give homework assignments and monitor learners
    remotely – even if the only platform available is WhatsApp.
  • Compile world-class lessons for every subject under the sun, using free, award- winning content and lesson plans from all over the world. (Many similar – sometimes inferior – products are being sold in South Africa.)
  • Find quality, affordable/free computers and solar power to run a computer lab.
  • Find volunteers to support struggling students.
  • Start a library for their school, with excellent quality books.
  • Report corruption & mismanagement at the school.
  • Sign up for free online workshops and courses for personal professional development.

But the teacher will also find resources in the Directory to …

  • Help a malnourished child or start a school garden to help eliminate malnutrition in their community.
  • Report child molestation and rape, and follow through until justice is served.
  • Effectively deal with bullying and help their school develop guidelines for an anti-bullying plan.
  • Educate learners & families about online safety.
  • Guide a depressed learner to emotional health.
  • Support a pregnant learner in completing her studies.
  • Help a learner obtain their birth certificate, so they can get their matric certificate and go study further.
  • Direct learners to resources to decide what to study and access funding for it.
  • Show an unemployed former student where to access learning and earning opportunities.

But make no mistake: this book will be a valuable resource for anyone who serves society – even those who think that they don’t need it. Take a look!

And then consider what you can do to help bring this potentially life-changing source of information to the people of South Africa.


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Some more of what people say about the directory

… succeeds in presenting [a] vast amount of information in an easily accessible way
… very relevant in these difficult times … it includes up-to-date information on online teaching … invaluable.

– George Dor
Advanced Mathematics Educator

This masterpiece is … a meticulously compiled, unique and comprehensive encyclopaedia of valuable information. It is professionally designed, inviting and easy to use, with foresight and understanding of people’s needs. It is an amazing resource to aid our individual and collective development.

– Dr Meshack Khosa
CEO, Fresh Thinking Capital

… well curated, meticulously researched, diligently conveyed and readily accessible and implementable. This extensively researched – almost encyclopedic – directory is a comprehensive resource for dealing with our most pressing issues in South Africa. [It] is for everyone, not just for the poor, because it suggests ways in which we all can improve our own welfare and that of our fellow citizens.

– Mirna Lawrence
Writer & Educator

The Directory does what it says: it provides a bridge between online and offline worlds, making it possible for all South Africans to easily and cheaply find information that wealthy people take for granted. It goes one step further by giving people multiple possible solutions to resolve particular situations. This book should circulate our townships and rural areas where communities are deprived of information.

– Renee Andrews, Treasurer General, Black Business Chamber

This publication is so needed for South Africa, especially for those in rural and township areas where connectivity is an issue …

– Linda Morrison
MD, We are Durban Social Upliftment

… provides access, ideas and direction to South Africans across careers, professions, income and education levels. An absolute must have for every South African – not only those without access to the internet.

– Ali Engelbrecht
CEO, Women in Business

It is not only necessary but imperative that all public, private, labour and civil society sectors do everything in their power to get this extraordinary resource into the hands of the people of South Africa. For in its pages are gathered the wisdom, solutions and tools that will allow all South Africans to take individual responsibility for building a better world – for ourselves, our families, our communities and our country.

– Professor Dan Sandi

… very useful for those who want to uplift themselves and others!

– Fumani Baloyi

Described as a  “Toolbox for individuals, families, communities, businesses and policy-makers to help us create the kind of world we all want to live in” is an understatement. The Resource Directory holds within its pages the power to liberate poor and under-serviced communities [and to make] our freedom – individually and collectively, a meaningful possibility.

– Lidia Pretorius
Disability Empowerment Coach