Use the information below as a guide in compiling your listing. Feel free to add additional fields or to suggest a new category of information.
• Listing category & sub-category E.g. Disability > Wheelchairs
• Who are you talking to? Who is this for?
• Title / headline of your offering
• Brief description of what’s on offer
• What problem does it solve?
• What is included?
• What outcome can be expected?
• Where and when is this on offer?
• Street address
• Entry requirements E.g. Matric, ID, age, etc.
• What action is required to access the offering?
• Cost? Scholarships or funding available? Offerings must be accessible to people who have few options and do not have much money.
• Offered by? Organisation name. Contact name useful.
• Telephone number/s, email, website.
• Accreditation / registration / credentials
• What people say about the offering
• Wish list. This is a space in which NPOs, faith and community-based organisations can state their own requirements, e.g. for donations, equipment, community involvement, volunteer help – any support that will strengthen their ability to continue doing what they do.

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Listings for registered NPOs are a flat rate of R100. Adding a logo will cost an additional R100.
All others must wait for the listing to be typeset and laid out before we can supply a price, which is calculated per column x centimetres of space occupied.