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opportunities for many unemployed South Africans.
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We do not offer individual or electronic subscriptions inside the borders of South Africa because we don’t want to compete with our street sellers. That’s why the electronic version of the magazine is only available internationally.
However, there are many South Africans who could benefit from having access to the information contained on the pages of South African Conversations, who cannot afford to buy the magazine.
That’s why it is available for sponsored bulk subscriptions to corporations, government organisations, places of learning, clinics, community centres, public libraries, etc.


Bulk, printed subscriptions are available only inside the borders of South Africa.

Why subscribe for your blue-collar workers?

Because South African Conversations carries solutions-oriented articles and information about physical AND online resources and solutions to uniquely South African problems.

Here are some examples of the kinds of articles that can be found in South African Conversations:

  • Child welfare: How to make sure your young children are taken care of after your death.
  • Community building: Working in harmony with the neighbours.
  • Entrepreneurship: Employment is not the only way to earn a living.
  • Environment: Do your bit and pick up your trash!
  • Financial literacy: Things you can do to get out of debt AND start saving, no matter what you earn.
  • Food security: Never go to bed hungry again: Grow your own food!
  • Health: Are we drinking & driving ourselves to disability?
  • Literacy: Dictionary (of difficult words in each issue of the magazine)
  • Self-development: Become your own teacher.
  • Unemployment: 10 Things you can do to enter the formal job market.

What makes this magazine so unique is that the articles flow from stories of the lived realities of actual South Africans – with advice not only for people struggling with a particular issue, but also for concerned onlookers, policy-makers and businesses wanting to make a difference.

Subscription price: R50 per printed copy. Includes delivery of physical magazines to one address anywhere in South Africa.

Minimum quantity: 10 Magazines per order.

Subscription period: 12 months.

Payment terms: Invoices are issued during the week of delivery. Payment is due within 14 days of invoice date.

What’s in it for you?

  • Your subscription may qualify as Enterprise Development Funding – ask your procurement officer. We are a majority Black-owned, certified Level 2 B-BBEE Micro Enterprise.
  • Your brand prominently displayed as the sponsor of the complimentary copies – should you opt for custom

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South African Conversations Magazine Cover

Digital subscriptions are available ONLY to individuals outside the borders of South Africa, so that we don’t compete with our sellers inside South Africa.
South African Conversations is essential reading for anyone interested in the people – as opposed to the politics – of Africa.

A 12-month digital subscription will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the countless ways in which the legacy of colonialism and apartheid continue to ensure that the largest number of marginalised, unemployed, voiceless and powerless South Africans are black or brown – and of what can be done, practically, to counter this.
  • Insight into why South Africa is – according to the World Bank – the most unequal society on the globe. And again, what actions can be taken to defy this inequality.
  • Insight into the lived reality of marginalised South Africans – in their own words.
  • The touching poetry and photography of unknown South African writers and photographers.
  • A glimpse of the warmth, diversity, humour and complexity of South Africa.

Subscription price: US $39 or EUR €36 or GBP £30 – payable as a single payment for the year in advance. (This amounts to $3.25 or €3 or £2.5 per month, respectively.)

Subscription period: 12 months.

Subscribe for yourself or as a gift for an Africa enthusiast. You will be able to read or download the next issue as soon as it becomes available, directly onto your device!

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