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Our Key Initiatives

All our initiatives offer opportunities for skilled and unskilled South Africans to generate income for themselves.

Community Conversations

Opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to get together and talk about things that matter, for qualified locals to earn an income, and for money to flow into township and inner-city economies. Made possible through advertising partnerships.

Join a Conversation or start one in YOUR community anywhere in South Africa.

A Monthly Magazine

A thought-provoking magazine offering practical solutions towards a better South Africa.

It is also an income-generation initiative that involves marginalised people in both its production and sales, and NPOs in its distribution – potentially generating income for hundreds of families.

A Resource Directory

An empowering, transformative, 368-page toolbox of information about resources, programmes, apps, services and practical guidance to help individuals, families, communities, businesses, policymakers and public servants build a better South Africa.

NPO and non-commercial, socially beneficial offerings are listed free of charge.

Join us in Levelling the Playing Field

We invite collaboration from ordinary South Africans, non-profit organisations, government and CSI programmes, as well as corporate advertisers. Involvement brings opportunities to make a difference, earn income, or both.

Join Us in Transforming Our World

Join as a shareholder, staff member, freelancer, volunteer, directory ambassador, magazine seller, NPO Distribution Hub, or an advertiser.

Support our work

Buy our publications, T-shirts, posters or the things needed to get a magazine seller started in your community.