South African Conversations is a majority Black-owned social entrepreneurial micro-enterprise that’s on a mission to ease the suffering caused by unemployment, poverty and marginalisation … and to challenge all that divides us as a people.
We have three products:

Community Conversations

These free, monthly conversation events are facilitated by trained moderators and provide opportunities for marginalized voices to be heard, for mainstream society to learn what life is like for people who are excluded from participation, and for all of us to discover the common humanity of people who are not like us.

We explore diverse opinions and engage in genuine conversation about ways in which we can – individually and collectively – create a better world for ourselves, our communities and our country.

Community Conversations
inform and shape the content of our monthly magazine, but are, unfortunately, on hold until the COVID pandemic settles. Find out more, anyway  

A monthly printed magazine

This thought-provoking, solutions-oriented magazine examines the lived reality of South Africans and disseminates useful information to help create a better world for all of us.

The magazine is also a national job- creation initiative. Sellers earn 50% of the cover price and Distribution Hubs – such as NPOs, churches, etc., where sellers can collect magazines, – earn 20%.

The magazine is, unfortunately, on hold until the COVID pandemic settles. Watch a short, inspiring movie about it, anyway

Resource Directory

The Resource Directory is a direct result of the issues we learn about during Community Conversations and the follow-up research we do for articles in the magazine.

The outcome? A comprehensive Directory of solutions, resources, tools and services from non-profit, faith-based, civil society and government programmes – letting South Africans know where to find what they need – online and offline.

We are printing this book because the majority of South Africans do not have sustained and meaningful access to the internet, where all this information is freely available.

Take a look at a short video about the Directory, and flip through an electronic book of sample pages for an overview of topics covered. We’ve included the entire Disability section so you can get an idea of what to expect from the final 300-page product  

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