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Photo of Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course, Durban, South Africa © Johnny Miller   |

The magazine, South African Conversations, is on hold because of the pandemic. Our only ‘live’ product is the Resource Directory (see menu bar). We will get back to producing a monthly magazine as soon as it is feasible once the pandemic settles.

Poverty affects all of us.
It attacks the very fabric of our society.
It erodes self-respect and personal dignity.
It perpetuates the false belief that human worth is linked to money, looks, possessions and status.
It divides families and wrecks social cohesion.
It is at the root of most violence.
It undermines our safety and destroys our stability.
It ensures that the majority of our people remain unemployable – unable to pay for their own and their children’s education.
It cripples our workforce, reducing our collective productivity.
It discourages foreign investment.
It destabilises the very foundations of business: the expansion of a robust consumer base.

Everything is connected.
Everything affects everything else.
Do what is within your power to help the human beings in your circle of influence achieve their full potential.
We will all benefit.

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