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A Great Read for the Greater Good:
Income for Sellers and Participating Non-Profits

South African Conversations is a thought-provoking printed magazine that examines the challenges we face as a nation. It offers practical, empowering non-political solutions that individuals, families, communities, concerned onlookers, businesses and policymakers can implement to improve their individual or communal lot.

Income for Sellers

The magazine is sold exclusively by unemployed individuals who earn 50% (R25) of the cover price of R50 for each copy sold. Sellers are positioned in areas with high levels of affluent foot traffic and are encouraged to work at least 5 days a week, aiming to sell an average of 7 magazines per day.* Doing so amounts to selling 150 magazines per month, allowing sellers to generate a monthly income of R3,750 for themselves.

* Seller success depends on their location; some have sold up to 10 copies in a single hour!

With 278 municipalities in South Africa, eight of which include multiple affluent suburbs, it is conservatively possible to have 300 people selling magazines across the country. Their combined income potential is R1,125,000 per month or R13,500,000 annually – comprised of compassionate people’s small change!

Income for Non-Profits

Our distribution network is through partnering NPOs, faith- and community-based groups throughout South Africa. These Distribution Hubs supply magazines to sellers and secure safe sales spaces for them at mall entrances, office parks and other busy places frequented by wealthy people.

Hubs earn R8.50 per magazine sold, amounting to R1,275 per seller per month for every 150 magazines sold. Just imagine their potential if they supplied 10 sellers!

300 magazine sellers yield a potential combined income of R382,500 per month or R4,590,000 per annum for their Distribution Hubs.

What a brilliant idea: to create a product that not only makes a difference in its own right, but that also provides a means of generating income to potentially thousands of unemployed South Africans! This is social entrepreneurship at its best.

– Albert Sivils

This is a brilliant magazine, a brilliant idea and a magazine that is deserving of support.

– Lebo Pule

Thanks for such a brilliant mag and its positive impact on the lives of unemployed and poor members of our society; and more so those who do not want to wait for hand-outs, but want to take the initiative to improve their lot.  

Kabelo C. Mmesi, Rustenburg

Where I come from, I know what is hunger, what it feels like not having any source of income. Thank God for this opportunity and for a great magazine.

Puseletso, Orange Farm

Whereve you been? Your magazine and whole concept is what South Africa needs … I really wish everyone could get their hands on these magazines, and if they dont want to read them, they should be forced to read them. 

Teresa Schultz

It is a good initiative that you have started. Very few platforms are available for writers in this country.

– Sizwe Vilakazi

Your magazine really facilitates an essential conversation that we have to have, as South Africans. And it does so in a way that everyone can relate to. I mean, poor and probably poorly educated people can relate to it. And so can affluent, well-educated people. This is really quite an achievement.

– Susan Beukes

Small Change, Big Impact!

Imagine the opportunities we could unlock if every bank, government building, office complex, mall entrance, flea market, art gallery and corporate, sports or community event provided space for a magazine seller.

Advertising fuels our initiative, allowing us to offer the magazine at zero cost to sellers and Distribution Hubs. Each full-page advertisement costs only R1 per magazine. Explore our Collaboration & Media Kit and consider supporting this impactful initiative.

Select a button below to join us in making a difference – for yourself and South Africa.

The magazine tackles very pressing issues such as poverty, unemployment, family fragmentation and most of all human dignity. It is an extraordinary magazine about bringing people together and helping one another find a place in this world. [It] has great potential to create employment and to lead many out of a life of indignity as well as low self-esteem.

– Pule Molefe

Inspiring. Vital topics are approached in a critical, constructive way. One feels inspired to take action and help … The situation affects us all and this magazine is a way for both the desperate and the more privileged to get more information towards a brighter future for all.

– Marloes Dijkema

Your magazine has helped me realise what a narrow view I have of the world. You have given me hope and a more positive perspective on what life in South Africa can be.

– A. Pretorius

I did not know that there are poor white people. This magazine is what people need to hear.

– Thandazile Khoza

This magazine’s message needs to be screamed to the world.

– Varsha

This magazine should reach every heart in our country and bring about radical transformation!

– Roné Viljoen

What I like is your positive tone. Even when you talk about misfortune or poverty, you present the people as real and vibrant, capable of doing things for themselves. A lot of media coverage is insulting to the intelligence and integrity of poor people.

– Caroline Clark

Apply to be a Seller

We do not supply magazines directly to sellers but will pass your information to a Distribution Hub near you. 

Register as a Distribution Hub

A unique opportunity for NPOs to create income for themselves and for unemployed people in their community. 

Pledge a Sales Spot

Provide a safe space from which a seller can sell to affluent audiences at the entrance to your building or event. 

Distribution Hub Access 

Everything needed to supply sellers and engage venues: magazines, seller shirts, banners and more. 

Magazine Subscription

Secure equal access to information for your workers or a school, community centre or clinic in a low-income community.  

Contribute Content

Look at our Blog pages to see the kind of material we publish. We pay when we publish your stories, articles, poems & photos.