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Unlike most periodicals out there, neither our monthly magazine, nor our annual Resource Directory were created to indulge advertisers, but to help eradicate poverty, unemployment and socio-economic inequality in South Africa.

Articles and information in South African Conversations offer practical solutions to issues that affect our communal lives. As such, the magazine speaks to South Africans of all races and all walks of life and cuts across all social strata and lifestyle segments.

South African Conversations truly is an LSM-defier and demography-breaker.

The magazine is initially of interest to affluent people as a compassion purchase, but soon, readers tell us, they buy the magazine for its content as much as to help someone.

Readers who cannot afford to buy the magazine get it through corporate employee subscriptions or through institutional bulk subscriptions for schools, libraries, clinics, hospitals, prisons, community centres, etc.


  • Products and services with a national footprint that are of interest to a general audience, such as cleaning materials, food, banking, telecommunications, health insurance, etc.
  • Products that can be bagged or handed out as free promotions at Community Conversations.
  • Solutions to social and economic problems arising from poverty, such as water purification systems, alternative energy sources, solar ovens and hand-tools … gardening systems to help with food production … nutritionally dense food and supplements for people with immune-deficiency diseases … life insurance for people with HIV or AIDS.
  • Training and skills development from organisations and educational institutions with affordable or sponsored offers that can be accessed by marginalised individuals.
  • Affordable South African holiday destinations.
  • CSI projects that address the needs of the ‘other half’ of society, that invite participation from affluent audiences, and that inspire action and celebrate excellence.
  • Banks and wealth management firms that offer nvestors a way to give back.
  • Organisations involved in transformation and development, NGOs and NPOs, as well as community and faith-based organisations … to promote their projects, activities, resources, events, training, volunteer opportunities, fund-raising appeals, manpower requirements and more. Contact us regarding a free listing in our Resource Directory!
  • National, regional and municipal government programmes designed to alleviate poverty, promote literacy, skills development and education, provide for the unemployed and the self-employed, and provide information and resources in support of health.